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Medical Services

Services We Provide

We focus our patient care in internal medicine, gastroenterology, and preventive medicine.

At our facilities, we perform the following aspects of care: 

  • Annual Wellness Visit

  • Annual PAP Smear

  • Screening Blood Tests for Glucose, Cholesterol and Thyroid

  • Bone Density Exam

  • Electrocardiogram

  • Pulmonary Function Tests

  • Screening Colonoscopy

  • Diabetic Retinal Exam

  • Bladder and Aorta Scan

  • Sleep Study

  • Continuous Home Glucose Monitoring

  • Hemorrhoid Banding

  • Skin Tag Removal

Our providers and staff fluently speak different languages, including English, Spanish, Hindi, & Gujrati.

Special services offered include:

  • CDL (Commercial Driver's Licence) Physical Exam

  • USCIS (Immigration Physical) Certified Examiner

We welcome walk-ins for sick visits.

Internal Medicine

Including illnesses varying from the common cold to heart attacks and stroke.


Including illnesses ranging from abdominal pain to colon cancer.

Preventive Medicine

Including illness prevention by methods ranging from blood tests to colonoscopy.

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